My husband and I began following Jorge Cruise's "Belly Fat Cure" plan in March of 2011. Needing to keep my motivation up, and also wanting an archive to read back over, I decided to join the legion of those people already tracking their progress.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


My husband has a pretty nasty cold, so he's been off the plan just to eat whatever sounds good (my main treatment for being sick) and to drink things to soothe his throat (with lots of honey).

But I've been behaving! Normally I'd knock off and have a burger or six, too, if he's not adhering, but this week I'm being good. It's nearly summer, you know. Grilling season is within our reach, if I can just stave off the mashed potatoes and cookies for a few more weeks!

Tuesday night he didn't want anything in the house so I picked up Taco Bell. Man, did I ever want some Cheesy Gordita Crunches! But I had two crunchy supreme tacos, per Jorge's instructions, and I was okay! Thank goodness for hot sauce.

Yesterday at work someone brought Munchkins in for everyone. I just avoided the kitchen until they'd all been eaten.

Last night my husband wanted some of those ready-to-bake Nestle cookies. Those are some of my favorite, fresh from the oven (I despise cooled chocolate chip cookies, though, go figure!). We had to go out to the store for them and some organic milk for him to have with them, and so I picked up those sugar free pound cake slices and some frozen wild blueberries to have instead. I said to myself, "Look, you didn't eat crunchy tacos instead of cheesy gordita crunches yesterday, and avoid those munchkins, just to ruin it with cookies!" So I had my blueberry/poundcake/whipped cream treat with some dark roast coffee, and managed not to look at those cookies in front of my husband TOO hard. It helped that I let them cool longer on the stove after they were done, so I never saw the yummy gooey soft cookies I prefer.

I won't have any cookies tonight either. "Look, self, you didn't NOT have fresh warm cookies just to spoil it on yucky cooled chocolate chip cookies today!"

So I weighed myself this morning before my shower and my weight has continued to fall steadily. THAT's what behaving gets you. Go figure!

I popped over to the other day and ordered a few goodies. When my husband is better I want to take him to see The Hunger Games (which I saw with a friend on Sunday and loved so much I can't wait to see it again), and the worst thing about this diet is the portion control when all you want to do is munch all the way through a movie. So I was looking for a snack that would be more substantial than one ounce of this or that.

I found a product called Just the Cheese, which is a filler-free cheese snack, but reviews were spotty at best. Someone said in one, "I'll just stick with Kay's Natural protein chips" so I searched for those and found Kay's Nature Protein Chips in Chili Nacho Cheese flavor, which comes in a 5oz bag, rather than a cluster of 1oz bags. I know some of you will tisk at me, but my intent is to split the bag with my husband, for 2.5 servings each, during the movie, and that will be roughly 35g carbs each to finish off the bag. That's also a nice 25g of protein for each of us, making the whole thing roughly equal to a protein bar, LOL. Hopefully it's good! I'll report back.

Since my birthday is just over a week away I also got some sweets: Kay's Protein+ Cookie BitesDixie Diner Caramel Pecan Turtle Brownie Mix (one of the few of their mixes without excitotoxins),  La Nouba Marshmallows, Joseph's Sugar Free brownie bites, and Yes! To Cookies Ginger Cookies. Now it's not my intention to live off such sweet-emulators, but we haven't tried any of these products before so mostly I was trying to get a variety in case half of them are awful. :P My intention is NOT to bake that Ghirardelli Extreme Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownie mix my mom keeps buying and asking me to bake (saboteur!).

So now my question to you other BFCers for today: With regard to those Mug Muffins that Jorge posted the recipe for, how do you prepare them? I made mine with the frozen wild blueberries and SF vanilla extract but, while it was very tasty, the inside never cooked all the way through, even after an extra minute+ in the microwave. Does the mug seem important? Do juicy fillers mean I should cut back on other liquids? Anyone else have to make adjustments? I have no idea if microwaves work the same as ovens, but I'm at 750 ft above sea level, so it seems like it shouldn't be too different from Jorge's experience on the west coast.


  1. It is great to hear about your weight and you should get a medal for smelling all that stuff and not eating it.
    The muffin thing, I think it will be better to put the berries on after and not in cause they get mushy after cooking. I put mine in a bigger wide mug and do it for 1 min, check - then 30 sec at a time.
    Have a great day :-)

    1. Thanks Rosie, that's a good idea to not include the berries during cooking. If I want them warm I can always heat them separately! I saw someone else's post about cooking them in a bowl and I might do that just because it'll be easier to wash.

      Thanks for the "medal"! I have gotten to the blissful point where I am happy to turn my nose up at the temptations left in the office break room (today it's hand made fancy cupcakes...)

  2. MMmmm yummy - I have just started reading your blog and am super jealous of all of the yummy sf goodies y'all can purchase over there. I have been sugar free for 2 years and just transitioned from Atkins to BFC. Nice to have some yummy options. I've just joined the blogging community and found everyone super helpful - will have to see if I can get some of things you mention shipped over here to NZ. Please let us know how they are when you try for your birthday!! Oh and enjoy the movie with your hubby. :-) xx

    1. It's so frustrating not to have the great products nearby that get mentioned. I know exactly how you feel. Other folks have Sprouts and Whole Foods and I have only the grocery stores for now. I keep hearing people talk about Clemmy's and I really want to try it!

      But really, you are lucky, because pre-packaged foods come with a lot of ingredients that don't do you any favors (as you must have learned Atkins pretty much relies on excitotoxins to flavor their branded food). If you can make your own snacks and meals from fresh ingredients you'll do much better than me in your weight loss journey!

  3. Great job! That has got to feel rewarding, to see results after making good choices. hurrah!