My husband and I began following Jorge Cruise's "Belly Fat Cure" plan in March of 2011. Needing to keep my motivation up, and also wanting an archive to read back over, I decided to join the legion of those people already tracking their progress.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Under 150!

At the last weigh in I dipped under 150 lbs for the first time since I can't remember when!

May so far is going well. Not a lot to report. We're returning a lot to the recipes in the book because things we try to finagle from what we'd have eaten before results in tiny portions and unsatisfied bellies.

We're having Shirataki and Korean Beef tonight. Tomorrow we are having company so are trying to figure something out for that. I also need to pack a lunch for tomorrow's Martial Arts event, not sure what to bring... I have wraps so maybe if there's left over beef I can roll that up with some lettuce.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chugging Along

May has been kind to my self discipline so far! It helps to have found quite a few nice treats to have when my mouth wants something tasty.

Last night we had Stop & Shop's Sugar Free Marble Cream Cake, topped with Rediwip and cinnamon. It tasted JUST like the gingerbread cake my mom used to make around the holidays. Delicious! And an absurdly low S/C value (I want to say 0/1 but I'll have to check).

I need to focus on Fiber.. We have been too focused on leaving servings open for this or that meal and not focused on getting the right kind of nutrition. We have been using Benefiber in our coffee and my husband was doing the Psyllium husk belly drink, but that's not near the 25g of fiber that the plan recommends. So since I've got the count management down for S/C values, I'm going to switch to challenging myself to get all 25g of fiber.

This morning I had two pieces of Boars Head smoked bacon, two eggs Sunnies Up, and two pieces of Ezekiel sprouted grain bread.

For lunch my plan is to have Trader Joe's Chicken Marsala over brown rice, but I'm afraid the Marsala may have expired, so I will go get a salad if that's the case, and eat the brown rice anyway.

Dinner is the white pizza from the book, on whole grain pita.

After adding that up there probably won't be room for the cake again tonight. Ah, such is life. Gotta have the grains!

Weigh-in tomorrow. :)

Friday, May 06, 2011

Just an update!

I'm really bad at coming back to this blog because I've been so busy lately! But I want to check in and say that things are going well. I've gotten a lot of comments over the past ten days about how various friends and coworkers can see that I'm losing weight. That always feels nice!

My birthday went well! We ate 0/0 for breakfast and lunch to make sure we had wiggle room, though I'm sure my sugars went over because I was trying Mochi for the first time (I had misinterpreted the label and thought a serving was 6 pieces, when actually there were six 'servings' per package, the serving was one piece and that at 15g sugar). So sugars were blown but carbs I think were actually safe!

I've been religiously updating my food journal, so everything's been on track there. I still end up having most of my sugars and carbs with dinner. I know weight loss would speed up if I could flip that to breakfast, but I don't have time to have a hefty breakfast in the mornings, and dinner is the deal we look forward to, so the indulgences are built in there. 

I bought new pants yesterday because my hip tattoo is showing in all my size 10 pants. :P Normally that tattoo is an inch below the waistband. I already had trouble treading on my pant hems, they don't need to drop lower!

When I look in the mirror I am really starting to be happy with what I see. :)

ETA: Just caught up with the "Me and Jorge" blog, and I'm signing up for the May Weight Loss Challenge! No more birthdays, no heavy holidays! No more excuses! My mom's birthday is this month and I'm sure she'll want her own ice cream cake but I'll be on the good girl list and just have a piece of dark chocolate and some coffee. I actually find it's more satisfying than eating a guilty pleasure anyway!