My husband and I began following Jorge Cruise's "Belly Fat Cure" plan in March of 2011. Needing to keep my motivation up, and also wanting an archive to read back over, I decided to join the legion of those people already tracking their progress.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can't stop cooking!

So.. the banana walnut muffins turned out very well!

Sorry, we liked them far too much to pause for photos!

Then Tuesday night I made another cake.. same as last time, but the mint version and with buttercream frosting:

A little too minty for me honestly, but still very good!
Our plan is to eat the cake for a few days then crumble up the rest into a vanilla ice cream batter!

This morning I'm making waffles!

I've been craving waffles for a couple weeks, so I decided last night it was happening today.

I found this recipe for coconut flour waffles. Made them accidentally with 6tbsp of butter instead of four. Not sure if that's wholly responsible for the fact that they tasted Amazing!

Want to try making Ebelskivers from this recipe next. Maybe with Lauren's not-tella recipe for the center!

Here's a little change from my usual food photo scenery...
This is the whole batch, a serving is one waffle.

By the way, I discovered that agave nectar is 2/3 c to the equivalent of 1c sugar, so if you ever need to substitute for a "healthy" recipe, start there! They also suggest you subtract 1oz of fluids for each 2/3c, so I imagine we would need to add that back in to use sugar alcohol powders and crystals. Luckily, ha ha, I used extra butter to make up for using xylitol. :P

Responding to Comments:

Dawn : Yes I've definitely been enjoying my Saturdays.. but it's got to stop because I'm tired of being stuck at one weight! My weigh in last night was down almost 4 pounds.. so now I'm back to where I started before I put on a couple bad Saturday's worth... ;)

Beth : So glad you tried the cake, it's amazing, isn't it? If you enter all the ingredients in myFitnessPal under "My Recipes", it will do the math for you! Just watch out - I noticed they give you back carbs and sugars if you exercise!
Rosalie : I only eat pizza for the crust! Having two slices felt like a lot though, when I used to eat 4 in a sitting, so that's an improvement, at least!
Katie : I had that belly bag and that's what finally made me say "Time to do something about this!" and I'm very happy to say that with the BFC and increasing my exercise, it is on the run!

Good job everyone, and keep it up!


  1. Woa you really are having a sweet attack lately huh? I love sweets and that was my downfall before. I am so glad that we have all found ways to eat sweets in a healthy way.

  2. OOh - I love the screenshots- what a great idea! It's funny that you posted about banana muffins. I'm looking up a recipe for my boys right now. Going to look for yours...

    I get stuck at the same weight for a while too, and have to change it up. I don't know why it takes longer than it should sometimes... But you are doing great the rest of the days, so all you need to do is keep under control this weekend. Maybe plan ahead with special belly good food?

  3. I should figure out what the cake count was for my sliver! I didn't lose this week so I'm going to be even extra diligent and will stick to coffee with cream for my desert for awhile!