My husband and I began following Jorge Cruise's "Belly Fat Cure" plan in March of 2011. Needing to keep my motivation up, and also wanting an archive to read back over, I decided to join the legion of those people already tracking their progress.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I had already had Cheerios for breakfast yesterday when, at work, our primary printer stopped by with a proof for me to review – and brought along three dozen bagels in appreciation of our business. Oh dear!

Well, out of some territorial need to be 'thanked' I nabbed my two favorite flavors of bagel: cinnamon raisin and egg, before handing over the rest of the bagels to our crew here.

And I ate them both.

Before lunch.

I think it stems from the fact that while I was on that useless Special K diet this past winter, I passed on the opportunity to have my gratitude bagel (from the same printer) and watched them get eaten, while the scale went up and up on that HFCS-based 'nutrition plan'.

No nutritional information was included but I am going to guess each bagel was at least 60g carbs each.

Hey, I'm being honest here!

They were good.

But not THAT good. :P

I just need to remember to somehow bring up my diet before his usual Christmas gift of Bridgewater Chocolates!

If I have energy after class tonight I'm going to see how the bananas look (they've been in a paper bag overnight) and maybe make those muffins. Gotta pick up walnuts at lunch, my husband doesn't leave those hanging around the house long enough to build up stock for baking!

Breakfast today was Cheerios again, and coffee. Lunch will be ham and swiss with baby spinach on my Joseph's pitas. Cheese stick for 3pm snack. I still have to decide what I want to eat before class. We picked up Vanilla and Strawberry whey protein last week and I don't like either of them! Bleh! Maybe I can doctor them. Otherwise I think it's oatmeal for me, which I am very bored of. I miss molasses.

Maybe, if I have enough ham for the rest of the week and then some, I can make deli rolls. Protein is good. I never get bored with meat!


  1. You know what I miss on my hot cereals?? Brown sugar. YUP that was good... I remember when...LOL
    Have a great day :-)

  2. I never know if I'm going to like a protein powder, so I never buy them. Maybe I should... that would help my protein issue, I bet.

    Next time, cut your bagels in fourths, and put them in the freezer! That way, you can get thanked 8 times instead of once! No guilt!

    As far as the chocolate goes, Bridgewater chocolates have malitol sweetened sugar free chocolate bars. Perhaps you could mention that... :)

  3. Bagels would do me in too. I love them. Just move on. It's all you can do!

  4. I agree with both Pattie and Dawn, either cut them up and enjoy in little portions or just stay away. It's easy for me to say that because I could take or leave bagels. Anyway, just keep pluggin along :)