My husband and I began following Jorge Cruise's "Belly Fat Cure" plan in March of 2011. Needing to keep my motivation up, and also wanting an archive to read back over, I decided to join the legion of those people already tracking their progress.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Instant Gratification

A coworker stopped by my cubby yesterday and told me she could see that I was still losing weight. We got into a long conversation about it, but the reason I'm mentioning it is because I told her that this is the only diet I've ever been on that has actually shown me any sort of results. Any. This is actually not true. I have gained weight with almost any other diet.

I said it like I knew it, but that was the 'ah ha' moment where it sunk in. Tonight's weigh in marks 7 and a half weeks on the diet, and almost 14 pounds lost. FOURTEEN pounds.

Them's results, folks.

I have to thank Rosalie for always commenting and encouraging me, and sharing the wisdom she's gained from her time on the diet. It's true, struggling and giving in to temptation doesn't make me feel better, it just sets me back. That moment of indulgence lasts only til the last bite of sugar is swallowed and I realize I've renewed my sugar craving and sabotaged all my discipline and hard work.

Luckily it's not all that hard. Yes, it can be challenging to stick to the diet, but it's not impossible, and that part isn't a personal failure.. it's just a learning curve to look for the stealthy sugars in places I never realized they existed (or in such quantity in those that I did).

So tonight's weigh in? The two pounds I gained from the week we went AWOL? Blam - I'm down 3.8 pounds from there. Double or nothing! I'm also down three quarters of an inch at the belly, and that's after a bottle of water and before a daily visit to "the library."

I'm actually looking forward to my birthday this coming Saturday. We're going to grill, and I plan to have chicken and ignore the hamburger buns and hot dog rolls. I'll get a crudete platter and focus on celery, and then we found a sugar-free cake at Stop & Shop in a tiny little diabetes-friendly bakery display (from which we have already enjoyed the pound cake and angel food cake in the past).

I doooooo plan to try mochi for the first time, but if I have a protein shake for one meal and bacon and eggs for breakfast, it shouldn't be a problem to have one serving.

Warmer weather's here. My chiropractor let me return to my Martial Arts classes. My birthday is impending and my stretched piercings reached 9mm tonight (just one millimeter from my goal).

It's a damned good day.


  1. I am so proud of you for sticking with this. And look at your results are showing for themselves. On your birthday just use one of those Orowheat wheat sandwich thins instead of a bun.
    Have a great birthday :-)

  2. Thanks Rosalie!

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to find Orowheat around here, nor have I found any online sellers! I'm hoping that when the Whole Foods opens nearby next year they'll carry a lot of the stuff I haven't been able to find.