My husband and I began following Jorge Cruise's "Belly Fat Cure" plan in March of 2011. Needing to keep my motivation up, and also wanting an archive to read back over, I decided to join the legion of those people already tracking their progress.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not Surprising, Still Disappointing

A weigh-in, with the full effects of our bad week #5, was last night. Not surprising, I gained in both diameter and weight. I'm not that upset about it, but it does strengthen my resolve to get back to it.

It just occurred to me that, on my bad week, I was still ten pounds lighter than my typical weight before we started!

I also realized that I have been a bit coffee crazed lately. I think I drank 3 oz of water yesterday and 8 cups of coffee. So today I will finish the coffee in my travel mug and then avoid it until this evening, focusing on getting my hydration in.

I'm also taking my vitamins this morning, albeit slowly. This is the last of my 6 pack of orange green tea Steaz. I haven't decided if I'll get more. It's not really pleasant, but it is doable. I had orange juice Saturday and Monday to take my vitamins. I have a canker sore coming in (result of a food allergy that I usually keep at bay with the vitamin cocktail documented previously), so I need to get back to vitamins. My Omega 3-6-9 vitamin will also help my back.

I have been running behind a lot lately.. without Soo Bahk Do I'm getting sluggish. So I wake up late, run late, and end up picking up food on my way to work - a habit I want to kick because of the cost if nothing else. I did fear that the English Muffin sandwiches I was getting (3/2) would be made with HFCS, because it seems like that's in everything, but checking the site their brand includes only real sugar. Amazing, this day and age! So that takes a lot of worry off my mind for that.

Running late, I grabbed Bulgogi and Chap Chae leftovers. I'm still stumped to the S/C value of this one. The Bulgogi is fine, but the veggies and celophane noodles in the Chap Chae could potentially be a problem. I documented it as 5/2, tried to eat a small portion, but it's not very filling. Unfortunately I didn't realize it was specifically sweetened with sugar, so it's worse than just the carrots and onions. I want to find some of the shirataki noodles that I read about in the interview with Rosalie - they are 0/0, can you just imagine! We're big pasta people so that will be splendid.

Last night for dinner we had Trader Joe's pre-packaged Chicken Marsala. It was delicious! My husband made some brown rice using chicken stock instead of water and we steamed some broccoli florets. The meal ended up being 1/2. And the portions were hearty again! I've noticed when we try to eat 'normal' food outside of the recipes in the book we find ourselves with small portions that don't satisfy. Better to cook from scratch.

We have a Trade Joe's Pot Pie to try soon, too. I'm ecstatic that there's a pot pie out there that's BFC friendly!

Easter Sunday we're having Prime Rib, so it's just a matter of watching the sides. Maybe some squash and broccoli.

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