My husband and I began following Jorge Cruise's "Belly Fat Cure" plan in March of 2011. Needing to keep my motivation up, and also wanting an archive to read back over, I decided to join the legion of those people already tracking their progress.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cooking... FAST

Yesterday is where I'm marking our weigh-ins (weighs-in?), even though it was actually 10 days since we started, it was the week mark from when I actually thought to weigh myself first.
I didn't remember to weigh myself on the same scale, though, so results may be off a bit. If all scales are similarly calibrated (ha!), I lost 6 pounds! I have definitely been feeling thinner, so I'm going to believe at least four! I'm also down almost 3 inches from my first belly measurement, which I think was last Monday. I'm thinking I might weigh myself on the old scale, which usually reported 165, and then again on the new one, adjust for the difference and use the new scale's equivalent of the old scale's 165 pounds as my start weight. LOL, you get a (sugar free) treat if you comprehended what I was trying to say there.

Breakfast, in 8 Minutes
I think I mentioned that my husband has not been feeling well this week. For the past two days he had not eaten breakfast, so I told him I was going to insist he ate a nice solid and not too exciting breakfast to start his day!

I know I mentioned that I had to take the Honda for its recall service this morning, so I had the heating pad ready for its experiment. At the very least I thought it should make me warm and uncomfortable so I'd get up earlier! No luck! Despite somehow becoming aware enough to turn it on BEFORE my first alarm went off, I was not ready to get up and the dry heat was nice and cozy. So I got up later than I'd have liked to with having to drop off the car. And there was no snow storm to note, so I didn't even have the excuse of a delay! ;)

Anyway, I went through my morning routine, noting that my back felt better but still not normal until I had showered (and even then toweling off my legs was uncomfortable), so I don't know if the heating pad helped, or if my oversleeping countered the positive effects (I always feel stiffer the longer I sleep).

After my shower I woke my sleeping husband and came back downstairs to put my make-up on, feed the pets, and then start cooking. I made three eggs each, because I was sleepy and forgot we had agreed two each, and was recalling the number per serving for one of the book recipes we already had. Added pepper and some shredded cheddar to the pan and stirred that up while the pan cooled. Made Ezekial sprouted grain toast (2 pc each).

My husband was still stretching in bed before I left, but he sent me a text later to thank me for the breakfast waiting for him in the bread warmer. :)

I was happy it took mere minutes to make eggs and toast. Unfortunately I couldn't eat very fast and I still ran late to the dealership! :P

For lunch I realized that making breakfast made me forget to pack a turkey wrap! So I went to Taco Bell and got two crunchy supreme beef tacos, as allowed in the book. No tea for me, I had water.

Dinner will be the Mahi Mahi w/ Brown Rice dish from the various menus that were doled out from the email list. I need to remember to pick up squash on the way home. Don't trust those shopping lists from the PDFs!

There has been a Lyman's Orchard  Mile-High Apple Pie sitting in the kitchen since Tuesday, which I have stared daggers at but have not touched. I was better able to ignore it last night after reading yesterday that thinking about the food we wish we could eat is enough to trigger the insulin. Wow, no thanks! I didn't even eat the usual treat of a couple Dove sugar free chocolate pieces, as I was working on transferring the food diary sheets into a binder and when I looked up it was bedtime. I did go to bed hungry, though, for the first time on the diet.

I've got to say I am SHOCKED at the weigh-in results. I really thought that the difference would be negligible. "Too good to be true" was nagging at my mind as I went through the week, though I definitely was proud to be consuming less chemically-enhanced sweetness.

The shopping is still expensive.. It would be okay if the $130 grocery bill from Saturday was it for the week, but then we spent $30 at Trader Joe's on Sunday, $20 at Stop & Shop on Monday, $8 at Stop & Shop on Tuesday. Compared to grocery shopping AND eating fast food all week, I'm hoping it balances out. Also hoping we start to figure out our own staples list and don't need a new container of everything on each visit.

My current mission is to try and find something.. ANYTHING.. that I can take my vitamins with. I need my daily cocktail of vitamins to keep my allergy to sulfates at bay, and I can't stand taking them with water, sparkling drinks, sobe lifewater... pretty much only orange juice has ever been tolerable. I have SO many pills and so many have that funky flavor going down that I end up avoiding whatever drink I was having when I took them because of the association with that horrible feeling. So I need to find SOMETHING. I don't want to cheat every morning and have orange juice because the glass it takes to down the vitamins can be as much as 29g of sugar! What a way to blow EVERY day on this plan!

I don't yet find the taste of the unsweetened Almond Milk palatable on its own, so I've got to find SOMETHING. I would try creamy iced coffee but the ice cubes will throw off my ability to get the liquid in fast enough to mask the pills. I suppose I could chill coffee in the fridge overnight and see how that goes. But I do miss the sugar in cold coffee, I've noticed. I'll try it anyway!

Looking forward to my next weigh-in! The scale I got tracks to the tenth of a pound, records measurements for two different users and displays their weight difference from the last measurement (up or down and by how much). $20 at Walmart!


  1. Hello, I had to do the same thing with my scale. I got a new one a few months in and adjusted my starting weight to reflect the new scale. You are doing so good so far. I know it can be expensive, but it's worth it.
    I found that breakfast is the most important meal.
    I will add your blog to my list and try to get some supporters over here for you.
    Have a great day. And let me know if I can help in any way.

  2. Hi there Rosalie, thanks for coming by my blog!
    I definitely don't mind spending extra for better food, it just stinks to have to dump the cabinets of our old food and start over! It'll get easier as we build up a supply.
    Thanks for your encouragement!

  3. Try putting 1 pkt of truvia in your unsweetened almond milk. I buy the chocolate & it is delicious! IT takes a little while to get used to it becuase it is so different than reg milk but i have to tell you, I have been on almond milk for about 16 months and I LOVE it now and dont think I will ever go back to skim!! Try it, the chocolate is hands down the best!!
    Sounds like you are doing great after one week!! Way to go!!!

  4. Hi Sherri, thanks for the tip! We were low on almond milk so I will pick some up at lunch and make sure I grab a chocolate, too! I liked the sweetened almond milk (from the fridge section) that I had been drinking before the BFC routine, so I'm hoping it won't take long to get used to it straight and unsweetened, but adding truvia sounds good in the meanwhile! thanks!