My husband and I began following Jorge Cruise's "Belly Fat Cure" plan in March of 2011. Needing to keep my motivation up, and also wanting an archive to read back over, I decided to join the legion of those people already tracking their progress.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Not much to say! I resolved that I want to BFC straight and clean at least through the 23rd, because I will be making a social beach appearance and don't want to be tempted to wear a giant beach tee. ;) Having that goal makes it much easier, as did getting back on track with meal planning and food tracking.

Still having trouble finding any cream, light heavy or otherwise, that's 0/0. Target only carries the local dairies, same with Stop & Shop (and we had to take our light cream back at 9:30pm last night because it had curdled and ruined our evening coffee!). I'm going to try the Big Y this evening as I'll be nearby for a hair cut. I don't want to switch to shopping there, though, too far for our Sunday shopping trips.

Weigh-in tonight. I won't have been to martial arts so it's not quite equivalent to the usual measuring, so if it's really bizarre I'll try again tomorrow after class. I'm expecting good things, though. With the exception of a bite of ice cream and a bite of cake we have been angels.

Nature's Promise Organic Homestyle Waffles
Coffee w/ 1/2 & 1/2
Vitamins in my Magnesium mix
Total: 4/2

Leftover Chicken Tikka Masala
Baby Spinach
Joseph's Pita
(I called it a Chicken Tikka Taco - that's more fun to say than you know unless you try it!)
Total: 1/1

Dinner (planned):
The Carne Asada Steak Tacos from the book with the sides
Total: 4/2, I think? I have to check.


  1. Good luck with the weigh in:) Do you not like the Heavy whipping cream that is 0/0?

  2. Kay I have yet to find one that is less than 1/1!

  3. I have been buying my Clemmy's ice cream from Henrys market. But the past 2 months since they are switching to Sprouts - I have seen none. So now I have to find somewhere else near by to buy. Maybe you should try to make?
    I hope your weigh-in goes great :-)