My husband and I began following Jorge Cruise's "Belly Fat Cure" plan in March of 2011. Needing to keep my motivation up, and also wanting an archive to read back over, I decided to join the legion of those people already tracking their progress.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekends are Dangerous

Maybe it's because it's Summer? No, the sweet temptations are always out there. In Fall it will be Apple Pie taunting me.

This weekend we had a really nice time at Mystic Seaport but came home with a pound and a half of fudge. I only wanted a bite but of course they don't offer it that way! The only samples they had out were root beer and orange cream flavored - where's the chocolate?? Packed in a half-pound container, of course. But my husband wanted Rocky Road.. I thought I'd try the Cookies and Cream, and by then we'd earned a free one so why not an almond coconut confection?

I'm proud to say I haven't had much of it, maybe a total of three tiny slices, but I'm still upset it's in the house. And then there was Chinese Food because we were just too tired to cook after we got home. I would have gotten one of the steamed veggie type dishes but this was a new place and the only point of comparison worth making (so I told myself) was General T'so's chicken. Well it was delicious! And very syrupy sauce, so I can only imagine it's twice the sugar of our previous 'usual' place. Their fried rice is the best I've had in a long time, too. Going to have to be careful about that place.

So between that and leftovers, no matter that we made otherwise belly-smart choices (they are rendered moot once you OD on the bad stuff), there's definitely some false fat on my belly today. Beach coming up this weekend - gotta shape up!

My father's birthday is coming up, and he wanted a Blu-Ray player. We got a really good deal on one so I think I'll use what's leftover to get that ice cream maker. Having a dessert I can actually have will help with these cravings, I'm hoping. And there's a heat wave coming this week, wish I could pick up the ice cream maker today!

My husband and I agreed we don't care for Heavy Cream in our coffee. It tastes like we topped it with whipped cream which melted long ago, it leaves a shiny oil slick on top and it makes us feel kinda gross. And if you forget your coffee for a little bit it looks nasty when you return to it. I end up never finishing a cup. We will probably return to Light Cream at home but today I am trying MimicCreme, an Almond and Cashew substitute. It's brown like almond milk and thick like mud. I don't know how much I added because it doesn't lighten the coffee past a certain point. There's definitely that nutty flavor but since I like Hazelnut coffee anyway I don't think I'll have trouble getting used to that. I'm drinking Vanilla coffee today so it does stand out a bit. But at 0/0 (1g carb per serving) with no fat and no cholesterol, it feels like a much better choice than Heavy Cream. They also have flavored versions.
I got this container at Stop & Shop near the soy and almond milks, but it's tiny, so I may order it offline if I decide to stick with it (those of us who have to order most of our BFC-friendly food off Amazon should really consider Amazon Prime, it pays for itself when you grocery shop there and don't have to pay shipping on most things!) (Updated this with a link to the correct product - also the flavored varieties do contain cane sugar)

When I was trying to decide what to wear to the Seaport on Saturday I pulled some neglected items out of the back of the closet. A dress that I feared I would rip the last time I climbed into it was enormous on me this time, and a bikini-cover-up sundress I never even took the tags off of is now a great fit for wearing on Saturday! I have a small pile of donation clothes forming. Next I have to try on all my pants and see which ones can be worn for a bit longer, but I'm afraid it won't be many. There's a consignment store that just opened, I might take them there and see if I can trade them for some smaller sizes. Good thing I never got around to hemming most of them!

I have a Belt Promotion Exam this Friday evening, so I will be going to my Martial Arts class every night but tomorrow, this week. That means a pretty regular menu of Cheerios for Breakfast, Turkey Sandwich on Pita for lunch and either a protein shake or oatmeal for dinner. Easy to stay on track when there's no time to deviate!

Friday afternoon we are taking my nephew to see Captain America before he goes home to Alabama, so lunch that day will be popcorn. ;) I did just fine at the theater on Friday, and I got those Crystal Light Pure packets to keep in the car. Figure if we have something flavored it'll be easier to avoid the free-refill-64-oz sodas.

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  1. I love general tsos chicken. It is one of my weaknesses.
    Good luck on the belt promotion. That's pretty darn impressive:)